SlideBazaar - An Introduction for Business Presenters

Slidebazaar is a presentation platform that aims on making the process of slide creation an easy and quick thing to do. The application allows users to keep their focus on the content of their slides and not have to worry too much about the design, choosing instead from lots of pre-built templates, colors, fonts and more. Slidebazaar is an ideal tool for startups, businesses, consultants, and academics (teachers/students).

Slidebazaar is a web-based graphic-design tool offering a drag-and-drop interface that provides access to hundreds of design layouts for creating presentations, business PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint diagrams, Infographic templates, Keynote templates, Icons and more. The website can be used by both non-designers and professionals to download the design templates. Users can select from a stock library of over a 1000+ templates, illustrations, graphics, fonts, and more to add to their designs.

Slidebazaar includes preset photo filters and advanced photo editing tools that enable users to add text, stickers, borders, frames and more. Users can upload their own photos, vectors and illustrations into the drag-and-drop interface or select from over a million stock library images and add icons, shapes, and various other elements. The platform provides a vast selection of fonts and suggests multiple font combinations that best match a selected typeface.

Users can browse through a variety of fully customizable document templates and designs including eye-catching PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint diagrams, Infographic templates, Keynote templates, Icons and presentations, to media kits, tickets, email invitations, social media posts and logos, banners and more. Slidebazaar helps teams organize their thoughts and present big ideas with mind maps, charts, and diagrams to make data visually appealing and easy to comprehend.

The Slidebazaar allows users to create designs and collaborate on projects while on the go. Users can share their designs directly via email, to a social media network, messaging apps, or export to their camera roll. Professionally designed layouts for social media pages are perfectly sized for standard Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram graphics.

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